There are Three levels of registration:

One time registration of 50,000.
This qualifies one to freely participate in all our programs like: (1) Training (2) National and International business summit/Expos. (3) Participation in our products distribution projects across the Country. (4) Partnership for building/ownership of subscribed manufacturing plants, Companies and Real estate projects etc.
Finally,it qualifies one to be part of,contribute part of profit for the propagation of the Gospel and soul winning across the globe.
*Account no. Access bank 0081458995 Nnamdi Obiechina.

One time but upgradable registration with the capacity to introduce or refer people and get awesome reward for that.
The cost of one profit center registration is 35,000. He or she has the capacity to register 1,3,5,7,10 or 15
One profit registration gives you the privilege of introducing up to 100 persons. The subscriber gets 5000 from each,bringing it to 500,000 in the first instance. 15 profit center gives 7.5Million Naira . 2-4th generation down line gives you 1000 per registration while 5th-to infinity will attract 1%.
The subscriber will get our branded health products worth the amount paid in addition to all the membership benefits
This package can enable anybody raise funds without borrowing to start Import,Export,distribution or any of our money minting businesses
Account no. Access bank 0081458995 Nnamdi Obiechina.


One time upgradable registration that gives you products worth the cost. It enables you make serious money with which you can establish businesses and many other investments.
1 account business portfolio=44,888 with capacity to generate 280,000 daily

Entrepreneur package 3 accounts= 134,664 with capacity to generate 840,000 daily.

Senior Entrepreneur package 7 accounts= 314,216 with the capacity to generate 1,960,000 daily.

*Investor Portfolio 15 accounts=673,320 with the capacity to generate 4,200,000 daily.
On this,we are in partnership with Aim Global. This will qualify you to participate in all our program as enumerated on the first and Second packages.
Account no: Access bank: 0689695216
Aim Global Nigeria.
Or Alliance in Motion Global Nigeria. Zenith bank: 1130070042.



(1) All expense paid vacation for 2 to different parts of the world
(2) All expense paid pilgrimage to Israel, Rome etc
(3) Child scholarship awards
(4) Car awards
(5) Home ownership awards. We call it villa award
This is a great opportunity to walk away from poverty forever.
Believe me, you can be righteous and wealthy!!!
It is poor in spirit that ensures the kingdom of Heaven not poor in the pocket.
Poverty is not a sacrament.